The use of Ilex paste for people with continence issues and sore skin

Problems with incontinence are common and can have a huge impact on your physical and  psychological well-being. The main worry might be leakage of urine or faeces whilst you are out and  about, creating a world of dread about where the nearest toilet is! But what about your skin as a  result, are you often left with burning, itchy, sore skin around your perineum, buttocks and thighs,  leaving you feeling utterly miserable?   

Protect your skin with Ilex paste, which will create a barrier between your skin and the urine/faeces.  A simple application before you step out of the house will ensure that your skin remains soft and  comfortable during those moments of leakage. 

Ilex skin protectant is formulated to be gentle and soothing to the skin whilst creating an  environment that helps the healing process. It creates a waterproof protective barrier over your skin  to allow for complete healing of any sore skin. Use it as soon as you feel sore and it will provide instant protection! Ilex can be used as a protectant when your skin begins to feel sore but also for  those more severe cases of sore skin. 

Why does your skin become sore? 

When urine and faeces come into contact with your skin, they change the natural pH making it more  alkaline, which then causes the skin to become reddened. The skin environment changes  dramatically as the urea from the urine alters the skin environment, encouraging bacteria to grow.  Faecal incontinence contains harmful enzymes which can break down the skin’s barrier which again  allows bacteria and fungal growth. This can all quickly lead to skin problems such as potential  breakdown of the skin itself. The skin becomes macerated, leading to excoriation causing  discomfort.  

Caring for your skin during leaks: 

If you are prone to leaks and accidents it is important to try and keep the area clean and dry:

  • Try to clean and dry the area straight after urinating or having your bowels open
  • Wash with a mild diluted soap or gentle soap free cleanser that balances your skin's PH level.
  • Protect the area with a barrier paste which contains zinc oxide such as Ilex
  • Wear absorbent pads to manage the leakage 

Application of Ilex Skin Protectant: 

The application of Ilex paste can be done after the skin has been cleaned. It is soft, flexible and easy  to apply. Apply a thin layer of paste onto all affected areas of sore skin. The skin should still be visible  beneath the paste. 

Leave to dry for a minute and then dab a thin layer of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) around the  edges of the Ilex paste, remembering another layer of Vaseline directly on top of the Ilex paste to  prevent your under garments from adhering directly to the paste on your skin. This will also help  when removing any absorbent pads for a change later.  

The paste does not need to be re-applied frequently throughout the day, as it is occlusive and water  repellent and will remain on the skin continuously providing protection. The longer it can stay on the  better! Wash any urine and faeces off the skin and apply another layer of Ilex paste, followed by  Vaseline, only if needed.  

If using any antifungal or antibacterial creams or powders from your GP, apply these first and allow  to dry for 30 seconds before applying the Ilex paste over the top. 

Ilex can be removed using a good amount of mineral oil/baby so as not to inhibit the healing process  and a further application of Ilex may be applied.