Ilex for Nurses - Helping maintain healthy skin

Maintaining good skin integrity is vital in the role of the nurse. Whether you are nursing in a NHS Trust, community or within nursing and residential homes, you will be exposed to vulnerable patients who may encounter skin breakdown. Factors such as friction, shear, moisture, pressure and trauma are all causes of skin breakdown, which can work together or alone in causing damage to your patient’s skin. Other contributing factors such as poor mobility, incontinence, medications, poor nutrition and hydration, loss of sensation and impaired mental health, can also play a part in skin breakdown.

One of the most basic needs of a patient is to maintain healthy, intact and moisturised skin. Intact skin is our body’s first line of defence against the invasion of microorganisms, maintaining moisture and providing a protective barrier to environmental threats. 

Identifying poor skin integrity early on, such as those who may be at risk and co-morbidity outcomes, will provide high quality care delivery and a positive outcome. Application of skin barriers such as Ilex Protection Paste will prevent and manage skin breakdown in patients who may have either intact or broken skin.

So, why not protect your patient’s skin from the very early stages? Ilex is a topical skin barrier designed to protect the skin from harmful irritants such as urine, faeces, wound exudates and bacteria. A once daily application of Ilex barrier paste is quick and easy to apply and will provide 24 hours of protection to any vulnerable skin. Making it extremely time effective!

Ilex skin protectant is formulated to be gentle and soothing to the skin whilst creating an environment that helps the healing process. It creates a waterproof protective barrier over the skin to allow for complete healing and creating a barrier between your patient’s skin and urine/faeces or wound exudates. 

When to use ilex paste?

Ilex is used as an occlusive barrier and can be used in most scenarios where urine/faeces could potentially damage the skin. It can be applied directly to intact, yet vulnerable skin for prevention of skin breakdown or to any areas of skin which is showing signs of early skin damage, such as broken and sore skin. Ilex paste can safely be applied to more extensive skin damage and adheres well to moist, bleeding and macerated skin. Ilex contains zinc oxide which gets to work fast in regenerating tissue and wound repair. Once applied, the paste is extremely soothing and will provide instant relief for your patient!

Ilex is bio-compatible and can be used safely beneath with ostomy and fistula appliances, wound dressings and continence pads/baby’s nappy’s.

It is a paste which can be used safely in combination with other topical treatments such as antifungal or antibiotic creams.

Skin health for the elderly

Who can use Ilex paste?

People of all ages, who have vulnerable skin or skin breakdown. Ilex can be safely used on new born babies through to the older adult, as it does not contain alcohol or latex and is not absorbed systemically. 

Once applied, Ilex paste will leave you feeling rest assured that the paste provides continuous protection for your patient’s skin for 24 hours.  All the patients will continue to need regular skin care and their skin monitored closely.

  • Perfect for those with continence issues where the skin around the buttocks, perineum and thighs become sore and uncomfortable very quickly. 
  • Optimal protection from urine and faeces by on peristomal skin around both new and existing stomas
  • Excellent skin protection from exudates around fistulas
  • Can be used directly onto superficial wounds and pressure damage
  • Ideal to protect the skin around any acute and chronic wounds from exudates
  • Beneficial for use on the skin around leg ulcers and safe to use under compression bandaging
  • Useful in protecting the skin around peg feeds and tracheotomy sites which may become sore due to leaking effluent

Application of Ilex Skin Protectant:

  • Ilex paste can be applied after the vulnerable or damaged area of skin has been cleaned. It is soft, flexible and easy to apply. Apply a thin layer of paste onto the affected areas. The skin should still be visible beneath the paste.
  • Leave to dry for a minute and then dab a thin layer of petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) around the edges of the Ilex paste, remembering another layer of Vaseline directly on top of the Ilex paste to prevent wounds or under garments from adhering directly to the paste on the patient’s skin. This will also help when removing the continence pads for a change later. 
  • If Ilex is being used as a skin barrier around wounds, stomas or fistulas, it is a good idea to use a stoma powder instead of the Vaseline. Lightly sprinkle a thin layer of stoma powder on top of the ilex paste, so that the wound dressing or stoma pouch will adhere to the skin.
  • The paste does not need to be re-applied at each the pad change as it is occlusive and water repellent and will remain on the skin continuously providing protection. The longer it can stay on the better! Wash any faeces off the skin and apply another layer of Ilex paste, only if needed. 

How to use with other topical treatments:

  • If using any antifungal or antibacterial creams or powders to the affected skin, apply these first and allow drying for 30 seconds before applying the Ilex paste over the top.

Removal of Ilex Skin Protectant:

  • Ilex can be removed using a good amount of mineral oil/baby oil so as not to inhibit the healing process and a further application of Ilex may be applied.

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