• No Alcohol or Latex Safe and gentle for all skin types
  • Repels harmful fluids and bacteria Forms a Complete Seal over Skin
  • Adheres to Damaged and Sore Skin Allows complete healing
iLEX is Available on Prescription in the UK

Our 57gm Tube is now available directly from your doctors on prescription. 

Having a challenge fulfilling your prescription?
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⭑ How we've improved peoples lives ⭑

  • "After using iLEX for the first time, I wanted to shout from the rooftops! I now have my life back."
  • "Bless you for this product, I would love to know why it is so magical!""
  • "Your product is FANTASTIC!, iLEX is the KING of barrier creams..."
  • "What a miracle cream! Mom is finally pain free. We saw immediate results. I even used it on my son’s eczema and I use is on my nose when I’m in the sun."