iLEX Research

  • Stoma care and iLEX Study at Pilgrim Hospital

    DOWNLOAD FULL STUDY ⇨ Use of Ilex skin protectant A study within the stoma care department at Pilgrim Hospital By Deputy Sister Sarah Hill and Deputy Sister Debra Pycock Reasons for carrying out Audit Following recent study days, information on ilex received and told of its benefits for sore ski... View Post
  • iLEX Skin Protectant Evidence Based Practice

    DOWNLOAD EVIDENCE BASED BOOKLET ⇨ The best protection for excoriated skin ILEX Skin Protectant is a topical skin barrier designed to protect the skin from maceration while helping to soothe and heal damaged skin. Creates an occlusive barrier over excoriated skin with a 0.00cm/hr Moisture Transm... View Post
  • Advances in wound care iLEX moisture transmission rate

    The Journal for Prevention and Healing Vol. 8 #4 July/August 1995 Evaluation of Moisture Penetration Through Skin Protectant Barriers by Paper Chromatography Sadiq Shah, Marc Cornell, and Anthony J. Ward Abstract Currently, there is no convenient and safe experimental method in the literature t... View Post