ILEX Treatments

  • Ilex for Nurses - Helping maintain healthy skin

    Maintaining good skin integrity is vital in the role of the nurse. Whether you are nursing in a NHS Trust, community or within nursing and residential homes, you will be exposed to vulnerable patients who may encounter skin breakdown. Factors such as friction, shear, moisture, pressure and trauma... View Post
  • Understanding Nappy Rash and how to treat it.

    Ever wondered why your baby appears unsettled, crying more than usual, off their food and not sleeping well? A sore bottom and nappy rash could be the answer! Nappy rash is very common in almost all children who wear nappies, from the early baby years through to the toddler stage.  View Post
  • The use of Ilex paste for people with continence issues and sore skin

    Problems with incontinence are common and can have a huge impact on your physical and  psychological well-being. The main worry might be leakage of urine or faeces whilst you are out and  about, creating a world of dread about where the nearest toilet is! But what about your skin as a  result, are you often left with burning, itchy, sore skin around your perineum, buttocks and thighs,  leaving you feeling utterly miserable?   View Post