• iLex Skin Protectant Box of 20 x 7g tubes
  • iLex Skin Protectant Box of 20 x 7g tubes

iLex Skin Protectant Box of 20 x 7g tubes

iLEX Skin Protectant Paste is a topical skin barrier designed to soothe and heal damaged skin.

Why is iLEX an effective treatment? 

iLEX forms a waterproof, protective barrier and it does not absorb into the skin, allowing it to heal naturally. This means iLEX has a wide range of uses on most damaged skin, dry or moist. With babies and children it is commonly used to treat:
  • Mild to Severe Nappy Rash 
  • Mild to Severe Skin Irritations 
  • Minor burns, cuts and abrasions
  • Skin irritation & breakdown caused by urine and/or faeces

iLEX can also be prescribed for children who have had surgical procedures like G-tube insertions which may have become infected. 

How to Apply

1: Gently clean the affected area: Before applying iLEX gently clean the affected area.

2: Apply a thin coat of Ilex: After washing and drying your hands thoroughly apply a thin coating of iLEX to the entire affected area. Allowing the area to dry for at least 30 seconds. You should be able to see through the iLEX layer to the skin below.

3: Coat with petroleum jelly: If the area is likely to be irritated by clothing or other materials such as nappies, in order to prevent iLEX adhering, apply a good coating of petroleum jelly (e.g Vaseline)

4: Relief and Comfort!: If iLEX is used when nappy rash appears it will become an effective remedy, providing comfort and relief to your little one.